Start Running

RUN COACHING: Start Running

The power of Running – power to you

Running is the world’s best form of exercise. The beauty of running is its simplicity – done just about anywhere by anyone anytime, at little expense.

Running builds fitness, promotes a healthy body, improves your energy levels, state of mind & productivity. Running also has the power to rewire your brain, and change your life…setting you on a path or trail beyond what you’ve dreamt possible.

Contact PFAD to find out how you can best start, and begin to experience running’s great benefits.


  • make the decision to start: let your feet take you on a journey to the future. It’s not about what you’ve done in the past, or what you do now
  • enjoy progress, moving forward: step by step. It’s not about how far or how fast you go, your gear, nor your look
  • do what you can when you can: juggling running as part of life- letting it get as small or as big as you like. No single-minded focus needed, nor to pretend life’s inevitable distractions won’t trip you up
  • get out the door: yes, make some effort and take some time. The energy, time and a buzz come back more-fold. Simply keep up with yourself – no blood, sweat, tears & puking

For 30 years PFAD has helped people like you become runners – to start, and get better – providing individualized, safe, enjoyable and effective plans, programs and sessions. Find out how.

To become a runner … you only need a desire to start – a little fire in the belly – and the willingness to share a journey with, alongside, amongst and, and maybe later, against others.

Become a runner! Contact PFAD for either personal, online or group coaching, or – for the self-motivated – mentoring, and beat the procrastination bug.


All beginners think they’re re too old, or too young; too heavy or too light; too slow or too one-paced; too talkative or too quite; too over-bearing or too apologetic; too social or too private; too busy or too tired; have too many commitments or are too easy-going. They’re too too.

Runners come in all shapes and sizes, speeds and guises. There’s tall and short, low-tech and high-tech, some with music and many lost in thought. There are easy-movers, pacey gliders, and big-striders.

Amongst all this and all that, there are three things all runners share:

  1. a choice and the decision to start
  2. an understanding that moving forward is a pace – no matter the speed, how fast, slow or in-between
  3. a zest for the lifestyle and freedom movement, and running, provide

The key? Drop the “too”, be you, get out there, and run. Some is better than none.
For friendly, experienced and expert guidance contact PFAD.