Run Better

RUN COACHING: Running Better


Running better is your key to success in many sports. Running better is a great goal itself: better training, better speed, better performance, better health & fitness, better state of mind.

Running boasts millions worldwide. Many want to run better. Whether you want to step-up your running commitment, train more effectively, run races, improve your running technique and form, or set new and challenging goals to run further, run faster and easier, contact PFAD to find out how.


Starting out or starting over? Looking to improve? Perhaps you’re an old pro, or returning from injury. Discover the secret to becoming a better – more efficient and more resilient – runner.

The secret to becoming a better runner is…better choices.

Become a better runner. Contact PFAD for:

  • better movement mechanics, technique & form
  • better training methods & strategies
  • better athleticism & run capacity
  • better plans & programs
  • better coaching
  • better balance
  • better ‘smarts’
  • better science
  • better referral
  • better culture
  • better self

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Perfect for any type of runner, PFAD provides customised online or individual run coaching, self-paced mentoring, and a fun, effective and progressive training group – in2running.

As a triathlete, obstacle course or trail runner take advantage of coaching that combines the art and science of performance improvement with technical expertise. Time-efficient, effective and balanced training plans & programs will help you successfully juggle the demands of life, work and multi-sport or obstacle and trail- run training. And avoid the pitfalls of training plateaus, training interference and injury.

To simplify your run-training life and maximize your run-training effectiveness contact PFAD.


PFAD sets the benchmark in developing runners’ Athletic Intelligence – the capacity to change, alter or adapt actions, skills and strategies for training and races. Better runners use this ability to sense and mobilise change – through reflection, analysis, evaluation and application.

Intelligent, flexible planning and smart run training ensure you train better, run better, run faster, race better and remain injury free. Find out how PFAD helps you run better, intelligently:

Contact PFAD to find out how you can become a smarter, better runner.


Running is easy. Running better is better.

Become a better runner by taking advantage of seeing yourself in action through industry-leading HD video analysis technology and unlock the secrets to fast, economical and injury free running.

Functional biomechanics screening can uncover hidden mechanical flaws in your running that alter the way you move, and expose you to inefficient running and injury.

Run better by refining your mechanics, improving technique and building good running form through an individualized functional strength program, better running skills and drills.

Professional referral and injury prevention or injury rehabilitation strategies can keep you on the track or get you back on track to run better, train better and compete again

Better running – better smarts, better training, better movement. Find out how, contact PFAD