Improve Speed & Agility

RUN COACHING: Speed & Agility


Speed is key. Your ability to react and move quickly – start, accelerate, decelerate, change direction and perform skills effectively – is vital to sports success. Sprinting speed is good; game speed is better.


Game speed uses elements of speed to meet the demands of a team field or court sport. Whatever your game, contact PFAD for fast, effective and successful performance:

  • hitting, striking and kicking faster & further; jumping higher & longer
  • keeping your feet, breaking a fall & quickly regaining your feet
  • recovering, changing direction quickly & doing it all again
  • pitching or bowling faster; throwing faster and further
  • applying or eluding a timely tackle, block or check
  • baulking, faking or wrong-footing an opponent
  • creating or moving into space, getting clear
  • chasing or closing down an opponent
  • maintaining balance, poise & focus

For 25 years PFAD has successfully adapted the principles and strategies of sprint-speed development to AFL footballers, national and Olympic level baseball and basketball players, secondary school and recreational athletes. Find out how PFAD’s experience and know-how can improve your game speed.


Track-sprinters take 40-60m to reach top-end, absolute or maximum speed. Successful game-based athletes must reach maximum speed over 5-15m, accelerating from different positions, directions and lead in speeds. And do it many times – repeat-effort speed

Want more top-end speed, first-step quickness, better acceleration, and sharper defensive & offensive agility skills? Contact PFAD to find out how.


Agility is critical to field and court sports. Agility demands quick starts and stops, changes in direction, orientation, level and speed in response to information from your body, opponents, team-mates, and the state-of-play.

Agile athletes react to what’s going on around them in preparing for their next move. Agility is reactive, or externally paced. Perceptual and decision-making smarts are as important as movement speed and effective skills – in offense, transition and defense based play. Read more about movement smarts and Athletic Intelligence.

Develop smarter, faster better agility. Contact PFAD to improve both aspects of reactive agility. One emphasises deceleration, the other acceleration: defensive agility (slowing things down, reducing time, space and options, or increasing certainty), and offensive agility (creating time and space, and increasing uncertainty).

With lower mechanical and technical demands, pre-planned (internally paced) running around obstacles can help with basic fitness levels, technique and injury rehabilitation. It’s application to high-level sport and performance is limited.


AFL, soccer, rugby, hockey and lacrosse players run best with game and position-specific mechanics and technique, NOT as a track sprinter. Carrying a bat, racquet or glove, dribbling a ball, wearing protective equipment, and riding a bump require specific skill and dynamic balance.

Basketball, netball, volleyball, tennis and squash players rarely near maximum speed, yet they need to react, accelerate, decelerate, stop or change position and direction in as short a time as possible.


First step quickness and specific game speed are essential. Contact PFAD to improve your track-sprinting or game-speed technique:

  • with PFAD’s proven step-by-step F.A.S.T. skills & drills – specific to your sport and experience
    • F Feet: placement, direction, short-steps, balance & speed
    • A Arms: drive, balance & blocking
    • S Sense: intuitive, reactive, visual, sound & touch
    • T Trunk: alignment, angle, stability & drive
  • pre-planned and reactive change-of-direction activities & exercises
  • skills and strategies of PFAD’s exclusive defensive-agility & offensive-agility strategies
  • small group, and game based training activities.


Haven’t been able to improve your times or PBs? Constantly injured? Want a fresh perspective on running-faster training? It’s time to revisit, revise and re-work your plans and programs to train smarter. PFAD sets the benchmark in developing Athletic Intelligence to build better run-fast training strategies.

Are you strong, mobile and aware enough to properly execute the drills and training you need to do?

For high performance running-fast training ask how PFAD’s experience, expertise and know-how can help you save time, frustration, and effort. And, use PFAD’s customised personal coaching, or self-paced mentoring.

Take the next step. Run faster. Contact PFAD and find out how.