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Discover the secrets to running better, running faster and running easier

Running is basic, fundamental. It’s the cornerstone of sport and is a great recreational, fitness and competitive activity itself. Training effectively and running well – economically and fast – are your keys to running better.

Multi-sport and team-sport athletes need the ability to run well when fatigued too. It defines the difference between finishing and survival, or performance and success.

PFAD has expertise in six key areas of Run Coaching:


If you’re looking to start running, run better, run faster or run further?

Born through decades of experience, PFAD provides run-based expertise & coaching with customised training plans & programs for runners of all sports, speeds, shapes and sizes. Take advantage of PFAD’s innovative advice and support to prepare, train for and manage your competitive or recreational running.

Triathletes, multi-sporters and field-based athletes take advantage of PFAD’s unique, progressive and successful run-training know-how and strategies – all shaped by experience, sport-science, and neuroscience.

Contact PFAD to find out how to make your running life simpler and training more effective through:

2. in2running© running group

For all athletes, runners and multi-sporters the motivation, support and friendship of training partners and a running group are powerful benefits.

PFAD’s in2running group may be the smart change you need to kick-start your running and get more out of yourself and your training by being around like-minded people. It’s a great way to re-energise, set new challenges and try new things.

The guidance and encouragement of a 30-year experienced, qualified and supportive coach adds to make your running more effective, more enjoyable, and less stressful.

Read more about in2running or contact PFAD to discuss how in2running can work best for you

3. HD digital video analysis of running mechanics and technique

Running is easy. Running well and injury free can be made easier.

Take advantage of seeing yourself in action through industry-leading technology and unlock the secrets to fast, easy, economical and injury free running.

Uncover the hidden mechanical flaws through HD Video analysis that alter your movement, and expose you to inefficient running and injury. Find out how to run better by reviewing, refining and re-working your mechanics and enhancing your running technique. [hyperlink to Biomechanics/Video Analysis page]

A HD video analysis is the first-step in bullet-proofing yourself against injury and making you a more consistent, better runner.

Read more or contact PFAD to find out how HD video analysis works for you.

4. Functional biomechanics screening and strength programs

Strength is a vital component of successful modern-day sports preparation and run-training. Simply being stronger doesn’t make you a better athlete, nor a better runner. Your improved strength needs to be functional:

  • serve a purpose
  • tailored to you – your goals, needs, strengths, gaps and weaknesses
  • useable – able to move better and, ultimately, run smoother & faster

A functional biomechanics screen (test) arms you with the knowledge and power to target areas of your body and how you move that let you down: making you prone to injury, uneconomical running, and limiting improvement.

Find out more about functional biomechanics screening.

Read more about functional strength programs.

To become a stronger, more efficient and economical runner… contact PFAD.

5. The Smart Runner – building Athletic Intelligence

Smarts – like runners – come in all shapes, speeds and sizes. Before, during and after training and races, athletes and runners need the capacity to change, alter or adapt their actions, skills and strategies.

This ability to sense and mobilise change – through reflection, analysis, evaluation and application – is Athletic Intelligence. Intelligent flexible planning and training smarter ensure you race better, remain injury free, and get better over time.

Find out more about how PFAD can help you run better through:

Contact PFAD to find out how you can become a smarter, better runner through personal coaching, online coaching, mentoring or run group coaching.

Better Smarts. Better training. Better running.

6. Customized group running sessions and workshops

Use PFAD’s experience and expertise to help you – your squad or group, school or business – discover more about running, or how to use running and fitness related activities for powerful and proven results in improving productivity, confidence and creativity, school grades, and reducing absenteeism

PFAD provides a benchmark in customized low profile, high performance run-related sessions and facilitated workshops.

These are individually designed as:

  • a one-off session or workshop – with supporting material
  • recurring weekly (for 3 to 6 weeks) or monthly (3, 6 or 12months)
  • an ongoing series of varied sessions
  • practical (‘doing’) and/or workshop (‘thinking’) sessions

Contact PFAD to find out how you can get more from running, and use running for more.

Popular choices include…



Running drill Planning for running success
Running games Becoming a better runner
Running by feel Speed (s)kills – running faster
Mobility for running 10 steps to (running) success
Circuit training for runners Becoming your own sport-scientist
Hill training & hill running (2 sessions) Run training for multi-sport
Developing the runner’s power-zone Running low tech
Body-weight exercises for the Runner Athletic Intelligence & the Smart Runner
From Steps to Staircase – mastering Victoria’s highest mountain
(3 sessions x 3 or 6 weeks, 1 weekend away)
Individualising Programs
The Neu Brick – neuroscience and new legs Exercise, the brain and productivity
Swimming by feel, for feel What you see isn’t what you get (HDVA)
See more See more