Welcome to the world of running.

Running is the world’s best form of exercise. The beauty of running is its simplicity – it can be done just about anywhere by anyone anytime, and at little expense.

Running builds fitness, increases health, promotes a healthy body, improves your state of mind, and makes you more energetic & productive.

Running also has the power to rewire your brain, and change your life…setting you on a path, or trail, beyond what you’ve dreamt possible.

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Becoming a runner… is about making the decision to start, and letting your feet take you on a journey to the future. It isn’t about what you have or haven’t done in the past, nor what you do now.

Becoming a runner… is about moving forward – one foot after the after, step-by-step. It’s not about what gear you’ve got, how you look, nor how far or how fast you go

Becoming a runner… is about doing what you can when you can, and juggling running as a new part of your life – as small or as big as you let it. It isn’t about the ability to focus on a single thing, nor to pretend that the inevitable distractions (and disappointments) of life don’t trip you up.