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Paul Ford Athletic Development provides customised sports preparation and athletic development programs, and running coaching.

Paul Ford Athletic Development (PFAD) specialises in:

  • sports-specific development of athletes in run-based sports
  • coaching of runners - through in2running
  • functional biomechanics screening and technique analysis
  • functional strength and power programs
  • junior sports development
  • balanced lifestyle exercise programs

PFAD ensures the improvement and performance of individuals through integrated and personalised programs.

If you want to:

  • become a better, faster and more efficient runner
  • maximize your training time and effectiveness
  • enhance your speed, acceleration and agility
  • return from injury, and remain injury free
  • build or rebuild your mechanics and technique
  • renew or revitalise your current program

Contact Paul by email or phone 0419 311 764

In achieving your goals, PFAD uses:

  • fundamental athletic development principles in your program design and training
  • training balanced with your lifestyle demands
  • progressive functional strength training
  • unique functional biomechanics screening and HD video assessment for technique analysis
  • a preventative musculoskeletal screening system to identify potential causes of injury and barriers to training and performance improvement
  • an extensive coaching, sports-medicine, physiotherapy, sport-science, and allied-health referral network
  • 20+ years of coaching, sport-science and teaching success to provide a professional and considered approach

For more information contact Paul by email or phone 0419 311 764